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Bioactive Rose Gommage


Gommage [erase in French] is a professional-type exfoliation method - a French spa favorite for it’s remarkable ability to erase dead skin while respecting the delicate skin surface

This enzyme-rich gel is uber-effective at resurfacing the skin, and super satisfying to use.  See APPLICATION for how-to.


Like little Pac-Mans, Pineapple and Papaya Enzymes thoroughly work at eating up dead skin, without hurting new skin. The appearance of skin texture is instantly improved and dull and tired complexions are refreshed.

Hyaluronic Acid acts like a mini hydrating mask and helps loosen hardened impurity build up to make removal more effective.

Konjac Root brings purifying and hydrating properties, helping to keep complexion fresh and clear.

Rose Water envelopes both skin and mind in a divine soothing and relaxing state.

Fabulous for all skin types, this divinely Rose-scented BIOACTIVE ROSE GOMMAGE is the ultimate resurfacing multitasker that can be used as a GOMMAGE or MASQUE.

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